It’s been a year, one long year……

& I still remember our first everything…

The very first time when our eyes met & was stunned to see those brown sparkling eyes…

The very first time I heard your euphonious  voice & it made me realise that this is the utterance I want to hear for the rest of my life….

Your very first text which made my world go upside down…

Your very first touch , & I skipped a beat….

First kiss , I wondered how anything in this world can be this sweet…..

I saw this world through your eyes & it appeared somewhat different, somewhat more beautiful than it used to be….

You are far far away from me & what I have now are the memories of our first everything, the memories once were the reason why I used to smile and now is the reason why these eyes cry……


3 thoughts on “ OUR FIRST EVERYTHING ! !!

Add yours

  1. These lines reminded me of my first everything…
    Real love always remains somewhere in ur heart forever to realize u your mistake!
    Hats off to u miss and ofcourse ur thoughts


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