“have you ever loved someone that you end up hating them”

if you have loved someone this much that you end up hating them ,then probably you were never in love with the person…..

loving and hating are entirely two different & passionate feelings ,feeling it for the same person is just not possible (days,weeks,months and even years are just damn numbers)

you can stop loving the person the way you used to , you may start caring less or you may does not feel the same but hating the same person is hard to accept……

if you think you hate the person……….you probably hate the memories you shared with the person ,you hate the feeling of still feeling something about them or you hate them seeing with some other person

once you fell in love it’s almost impossible to go out of it ,you can never get rid of it……..memories haunt , love torments , people betray , things change and life , life goes on….

if you still think you hate the person , dude its the memories you hate , its the time you hate , its their present you hate , its their choices you hate because you are not one among those choices  , you don’t hate the person…….








3 thoughts on “LOVING V/S HATING

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  1. This is something worth to read.
    I do hate someone whom once I used to love a lot , I started forming her bad image in my mind started thinking negetive about her and this only brings negetivity to my life.

    It brings smile in my face and her smilling face in my mind as I was reading this article and also I realise that today also I love her the same way(unconditionally one sided) that I used to do. I don’t hate her but I hate her choice , I hate seeing her with others and hate those memories.
    This article has literally change my perception,
    Thank u Ritu bhatiya for this lesson I will be always grateful to u because of so many reasons.
    All the best to u , do well😊

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