After whatever she have been through all her life , she is exhausted , she wanna giveup now (Screamed a painfull soul)

No matter what you have been through , you will always see me standing in front of you , fighting for you, fighting for your happiness….


Lot’s of love,            

mumma …

                      *message flashed* 

(Only maa knows what she is going through)

Best birthday gift : unconditional love


4 thoughts on “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ♡

Add yours

  1. Any love in this world can be doubted But yes Mother’s Love of her child is undoubtedly great.
    Really very touching


  2. Touchy…as well as emotionally amazing!! No love can match up mum’s love.
    And nice to see such post,
    Well written and nicely scripted!! U really should give writing a try. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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