“people say she is not good at keeping friendships”,because she feels too deep, think too much ,cry very often , get attached soon & sooner disconnect herself….

small change in their behavior & she will be like….was it for her , was it because of her , do they really love her ,do they want her as their friend as she want them ,do they want her to be a part of their life as she want them to be…..

she loves you , you are her best friend ,but what this friendship costs!!!you are compelling her to feel avoided ,in a group of 10 people she should be your priority but what she is …she is just a pain in your ass…

best friend!! you are one of the reason she couldn’t sleep at night ,because looking at the ceiling of her room for hours , she is trying to figure out what went wrong (she can never make anyone happy not even her best friend)..

it’s all your fault but who got the blame , everything is on her head now & 

people say she is not good at keeping friendships…..

she tried very hard to figure out everything & finally she got the answer  too…

what she did is disconnected herself from you……

(once she feel avoided she will not go back to the same person again because friendship is not about making someone feel unwanted)




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