Peace seeker !!!

They all call me a loner , and everybody have their own reasons to call me so …they have seen my close one’s  dying , my loved one’s leaving me , love of my life betraying me ….but only if they have known the real me they would have never called me this with a sigh in their voice…


Lonliness is the most beautiful and overwhelming feeling , it’s addictive …once you start feeling comfortable , it will completely take you under ….I am one among those who always find solace in silence, hope in dejection , love in hatred , beauty in darkness and peace in lonliness!!I have been different, always were and will always be … all call me loner but I call myself a “peace seeker”!!!

I’ve lived this life experiencing different feelings…some made me happy ,some sad ,some almost killed me ,some brought about new hopes , some made me a dreamer while the other made me a believer …..but what changes me is this feeling of lonliness ….only in this lonliness I got a real view of myself , it made me realise what actually self worth is , it guided me a way initialising from selfworth , making its way through selflove and ending at peace….

This loner has found her way out ….not a way out to call myself a socialiser but a way out to call myself a peace seeker….

 #notetoself. ….


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