She know….

whatever she’s is hiding in her heart for him, he’ll never know!

How impossible it is  for her to handle those mini heart attacks whenever their eyes met, he’ll never know!

How hard it is to bear those chills whenever she hear his euphonious voice, he’ll never know!

How delightful she feels whenever she weave her dreams around the corner of his world, he’ll never know!

How his smile enlighten her world more than sun could ever have , he’ll never know!

How she has seen paradox crossing her life whenever he crosses her way, he’ll never know!

How the idea of seeing him with someone else kills her piece by peice , he’ll never know!

How wrecked she feels for not getting what she wished for all day and night , he’ll never know!

She know….

 No matter how much she loves him , he’ll never know!


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