Those 2 am memories have put me through alot of pain. Some shattered me , some wrecked me and some which i repent the most almost killed me…

You know regrets lead to grief which will connect you to a world of lonliness… a world where you are not only alone but you also lose your capability to disguise the truth behind that masked smile… whatever you have been through ,whatever you have felt , whatever tormented you , whatever that have the capability to break you down, whatever you have been trying to hide for so long , every small thing will come right in front of you…. and it will slowly take you under , not only your body but also your soul…

And now you start regretting what you have done , you start torturing yourself even for the mistakes other have committed which somehow affected your life and have their little contribution in making it miserable…

You start repenting for your sin but the one inside you knows ,this not gonna make your life any better…You repent for the truth you are hiding ,for the lies you have said , for the reality you have encountered, for the betrayal you have been through…..

This is your world of lonliness and this is not making you better in anyway , it’s destroying you little by little and piece by piece!!!


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