The one that got away!! 

I don’t know what I want for my life but what I know is that , I don’t want love to be a part of my life anymore…

It’s not that I don’t love you but I don’t want you to be part of my life…

It’s not that I don’t cry thinking about you but now seek happiness in other beautiful things…

You know what I don’t believe in , I don’t believe in temporary attachments anymore but what I believe in is , forever !!! And you sweetheart , you are surely not my forever , you can never be …

You said you wanna forgive me (for the mistakes I’ve never committed ). You said , you wanna give me one last chance , you said you wanna come back to me , you said making your mind to talk to me was very hard for you … but you have no idea I’ve died millions of death just to love you…

That magic which we had between us has gone long ago , that bond which we used to share has faded now… you broke me into millions of pieces and now you are trying to mend those broken pieces , not by loving me but by making me realize how grateful I should feel for the last fucking chance you have blessed me with…

I know you are not gonna stay with me for longer time , once again you will leave me , once again you will break those million pieces into million more , once again I’ve to go through all those sleepless nights…but this time I won’t let you break my heart again , I won’t let myself feel that pain again , I won’t let you shatter me again , I won’t let myself cry my heart out again , I won’t let you make those bruises on my body again…

I was not responsible for whatever that had happened with you , for whatever you are going through…but you always blamed me for everything , for making your life hell and I accepted all your blames just to satisfy your ego….

Whatever you know , whatever you’ve always cared about is , your time , your feelings , your bruises , your ego , your pride , your friends,  your career,  your future , your dreams , your aspirations , your ambitions , your problems and your life …whatever you care about is yourself and not me infact I was never even in the list…

There’s still a part of me that loves you because when it comes to you its hard to go out of love , it’s hard to feel nothing for you …..

Because you have been my blessing and my curse!!!

*we don’t lose each other , we lost love*


4 thoughts on “The one that got away!! 

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  1. Amazing, each nd every line have great means for those who have gone through the awsm and the worst experience that is love.


  2. You really are an outstanding writer. I hope that you are able to put romantic relationships into perspective so that you do not remain a victim of its vicious cycle. I hope you will forgive me for appearing to get personal here. The way I say it maybe someone can learn from our observations, someone reading.
    Love is a discourse between two Souls, not two minds. And this is romantic love I speak about not true love.
    The mind of each individual involved struggles to make sense of that discourse which the souls wish to reveal.
    That is why it tends to appear like a game.
    The Souls are responding to the Primordial event which they have been scarred with.
    I will stop here. But stay rational. Remember that this life is a canvas for the scarring the Soul experienced in the Primordial time relative to God the creator.

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