dreamt of becoming something that was beyond the understanding of common being!!

I  dreamt of living a life that not only include hardship but also strengthen the one beyond all the pain !!

I am one among those who have lived their life thinking out of the box , and this makes me an unbounded soul but what hinders my way are the walls , walls laid down by this society !!!

I was unaware of the fact that what I was dreaming about is nothing more than a mirage , dream I could only see but never reach ….
But giving up was never an option for me and will never be because deep down I knew what comes easy can never lasts long…now I see the light at the end of the tunnel and no matter how long the tunnel is no matter how much darkness it contain but one day I am gonna make my way till the end !!!

Living a life dreaming about million fancy things was never my choice ,my choice is to pursue that one in a million dream , the one which arouses millions of hopes in me , torn me apart millions of times and helped me building myself up a million more time ….some days those millions of failures which hindered my way break me into millions of pieces and some days those millions of hopes made their way in making me whole



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