Dream within a dream !!!

​Waking up with you was like a dream come true…..

You telling me about your insecurities are dearer to me more than my poetries …
Holding me aback everytime I try to unwrap myself from your arms…
You telling me about the reasons why you distanced yourself from me with a frown,  but deep down I know you’re finally home that’s more than enough for me now  …
Seeing you by my side is no less than a blessing I wish I could have till the end of my days, feeling your heavy breaths over my body is no less than experiencing reincarnation  , holding your hands is no less than holding a galaxy and it always drives me crazy, just staring at you for no reason is no less than seeing my entire future in just a single glance , you kissing me over my forhead for everytime i make a mistake is no less than feeling  eternity because that touch I wanna behold till the very last edge …
These were the little things I have been living for so long in my virtual world  and now that everything is coming into life my happiness is boundless! !!but as soon as I try to hold you tight , you escaped and I was thrown back to my place….
I woke up not with smile but with tears in my eyes hoping I wish I could tell you all this !!!
If only I could tell you how much I love you ..
If only you could see the pain in my eyes, how living without you torments me within deep inside ..
If only you could feel my heartbeat , everytime you crosses the same street..
If only you could see those tears in my eyes, when thought of not having you in my life strikes my mind..
If only you could see me shiver at night because my hands craves for wrapping them around yours..
If only you could see how the idea of seeing you with someone else makes me incomplete…
If only I wish i could tell you all this….
Please tell me that you loves me too because it’s getting hard to live this life without you…


 I really don’t wanna end this,  as a one sided love story!!!


3 thoughts on “Dream within a dream !!!

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  1. You are a good writer. I don’t know how you can address these issues. Real or not (doesn’t matter). You must be a very strong individual.

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      1. I am much more impressed. You are a remarkable person. To be able to share this and do it on remote control despite what you go through. You will have peace one day due to this consistency.

        Liked by 1 person

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