Trust me falling for you was very hard for me ….. and why should it not be , I am a broken soul infact , a guy once came and destroyed me enough , he crippled my heart and soul….

I’ve been a part of people’s life , but they failed to make themselves a part of my life…..they try to shower their love upon me but everytime I ended up getting some bad instinct ….may be I was an asshole but loving someone selflessly and getting the same in return was forever my concern ……and every single being disappointed me ….

And one day something unusual happened ….I saw a guy and got stunned !!!”Mr perfect” these were the words my lips could utter ….days , weeks even months passes by and what triggers my heart to fall for you was your smile and still acting like a dangerous weapon I wish I could learn how to handle someday……I tried not to fall for you,  but it’s too late now , I should not have seen you in the first place ….

But not everything goes as you decide , mine story  got struck into obstacle too …. your heart belonging to someone else was hardest thing I have ever experienced….I was broken and every piece of mine was calling only your name ….for other it’s just 5 letter word but for me it’s my entire world, which is now burning down because your world is beautiful and it contains love in it and mine contain just grief and pain!!!

Falling for you was hard but loving you even after knowing the fact that you belong to someone else was the hardest part. …but I’ll be committed to you ….one can get over love easily but how on earth is it possible to get over an inspiration ? Unknowingly you helped me to get back to my way , helped me in making me whole , helped me in making me understand how selfless love actually  feels like ….but some days i feel miserable and ponder over things like the one I finally fall for  , the one I decided to make mine , I one I decided to live for belong to someone else and such thinga drive me fuckin insane 


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