Maybe I was born to be like “this”!!! I was born with qualities which screws me every now and then…you know being hyper sensitive sucks , no matter how hard you try to be strong , but from inside you are that creep who feels everything too deep!!!

Overthinking can literally kill you , this is not just a presumption ..I am dead serious about it , because I am one among those who have been in this situation….you do things you are not supposed to do,  but don’t confuse my act with my intension.. I was out of my senses at that moment !!!!

Crying is for weak shells but this is what I am .. I am a weak shell  ( a hypersensitive , overthinker weak shell) …what am I supposed to do now ? You told me once you feel everything too deep but to be honest , I really don’t know how to unfeel….

Not being able to see anyone in pain doesn’t make you sane , sometime being obdurate is all what you need … because not everybody feels the way you feel , because not everybody is your well wisher ,all they want is to see you suffer !! 


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