Apologies are not enough !!

Apologies are not enough when you know You are a sinner …..the sins which you have committed were too deep and now they are making you weak …..I did things , I wasn’t supposed to do but still my demon compelled me to do those things against my will ….but deep down I know not my demon alone can be blamed , my terrible days helped them in making their way !!!

 I was so obsessed with my own troubles that I overlooked your fears ..You always guided me the right way , but I ended up choosing the one that was not even there in your list , you always showered your love and care so what made me a rebel ? a rebel so intensified that it only showers agony and pain…. all those hurricane that arouses in your lives ,  it’s all my fault and I know apologising now is not enough …

Forgive me for the last time , no more mistakes I’ll keep this thing in mind … you guys are my everything, so please don’t disconnect yourself from me ….

(A letter to my parents)


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