तेरे जाने का दुख नही, तेरी तपिश से अनछुए रहने का मलाल है ।।

तू लौटेगा कल भी, अब ईसी इन्तजार मे काटनी ये रात है ।।


4 thoughts on “।।इन्तजार।।

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  1. I like this saying. Is it yours? Is it an old proverb? And I love the banner under the title of your blog. Of course, as to the saying, I had to struggle to unscramble the Google translation, but I think I got the gist.

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    1. Yeah it’s mine. ..I really don’t know if it’s an old proverb or not …and it’s all about a soul craving for other soul…the one she sees everyday but will never have ….and thank you so much 🙂

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