To the one , I now call home !!!

​To the one I now call home ,I may not know what you are going through but the air carrying the smoke of your cigarette have showed me enough!!!

You were doing good in your lonliness but something snapped you out of it , it showed you company and going on by yourself wasn’t easy anymore  ,so you called it home …
Seasons went by , things got colder and harder gradually you found your smoking circles in the air !!!

(She got the real view of his soul and fell in love the way he chooses to let the stub of his cigarette burn )

But trust me you are only as deep as astray you use because you like the abuse! !!
And what’s his answer to this – 

“What is this thing you call substance abuse , all I wanna do is forget and get loose …
Drinking and smoking over and over,  what’s so great about life that’s sober …
Their’s nothing cool about being young when monster of night have stolen the sun
I’m tired of searching for words in the sky.
All I wanna do is drink and die.
Nothing is real. It’s all a big lie.
All I wanna do is drink and die”

He is not scared of dying , cigarette is not just an addiction,  it’s way beyond obsession !!
Taking him back to the life is hard now because
He Smoked like it’s a fuel and he’s going to get every last inch to the gallon !!!


3 thoughts on “To the one , I now call home !!!

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  1. Focusing on cigarettes and smoke and comparing for a start, this to character then proceeding from there to the spark of a relationship based on struggles. Then throwing in what substances aid people in meetings and social gatherings. Purpose, though wasteful, throwing in some loneliness, nice, nice. I like the way you write. I know you are pleased with your work, am glad. Thank you.

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