Feels like home to me !!

​I am a lonely soul , I don’t crave for companies anymore …

It’s been a long time that this feeling of lonliness has engulfed me , but now it somewhat soothes me , I feel relaxed not burdened,  it made me realise what are my lives do’s and dont’s  ….I was an extremist when it came to love , little did I know that expectation hurts!!!
When people gets in your head it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s fake, but when  you surround yourself with lonliness everything becomes crystal clear !!
This feeling of lonliness is not making me alone but helping me to get up and face this cruel world on my own !! And one more thing longing for love is no more in the list ….
Things that toxicated my life , are now out of this life ….I don’t blame love for toxicating my life (it’s a blessing only few gets) , it’s people with cute faces and bad intentions who torn me apart !!! Not alone those fuckers can be blamed , I was so petrified with this feeling of lonliness that I let them in…
Some days this lonliness might make you weak , but trust me living your life on your own will strengthen you beyond your wit and will….atlest , one fine day sitting at the corner of your room you will not regret for making bad choices (though I made hundreds of them , because I was not strong enough) …..regrets are worst , worst than heartbreaks….honestly speaking, regrets can literally compell a person to commit suicide…..
When lonliness takes you under , you might regret some of your deeds , but don’t let those terrible deeds consume you,  don’t surrender your soul to grief !! You will surely gonna make your way out of it ….


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