She’s the one ♡

​You’re changing , you are not the old you now … you are a different person ,  you now see things differently , you feel them differently , your dreams are changing…

 The special someone you used to love with all your heart and soul back in your teens , you’re over her now …

The one you were looking for so long , the one whose traits absolutely matches yours , your likes are hers and her dislikes are yours , remember the one about whom you used to talk with your friends …back then she was just an imagination a mere fantasy , and now she is all right in front of you , you can see her smiling , talking with her friends , you are blown away by the way she rolls her eyes …. her expression rate is faster than your heart rate …you even had an eye contact with her …and you felt something strange that moment , something you’ve never felt before ….she is the one you were looking for very long , your absolute match , somewhere you know it , but you are yet not ready to accept the fact ….

You crave for love , but don’t want love at the same time , the strings which were broken earlier are still messing up with your heart ….but it’s high time now , forget what happened , what you’ve been through , forget all those dark times ….
What you see right in front of you is all you want , you can see her right ? yeah that girl with beautiful smile , that innocent face , she is your present and may be your future as well …
She’s the one who will make your days brighter and your nights warmer …
What are you afraid of now , trust me she won’t leave you , she’s craving for love too …the way she looks at you , it tells everything that how precious you are to her ….
I’ve even seen her looking for you whenever you are not around. …
Trust me she’s the one , and she ll not break your heart , infact she ll fill those missing pieces with hers ….
You are still thinking about her , but too weak to tell her all this… know you are alone , and she is only one who can break this solitude of yours and will bring you back to life ….
It’s been long enough you haven’t tasted love ,  and you know it your body and soul is craving for it ….just tell her , she won’t rebuke you …..she’ll accept you …
She will love you , the way no one has ever loved you ….and then you will know , she’s home !!


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