Love choke !!

I know you are hiding something , I know you are not what you pretend to be ….

Living a dual life is pretty tough job …pretending what’s happening around you hardly matters to you , but deep down I know it’s killing you …
It’s killing you seeing your best friend calling someone else his best friend, it’s killing you seeing your friends fading trust …’s killing you seeing the only girl you love , loving someone else…it’s killing you not getting what you deserve in life …it’s killing you seeing your loved ones betraying you !!! 
And finally after been through all this you decided to change yourself …you decided to put a wall around yourself so that no one can ever hurt you again ….because you’re finally done giving people second chances and you finally decided to give yourself a chance to change yourself ….putting a mask , showing yourself as a cold nasty fellow , it was the least thing you’ve ever imagined for yourself , but now it’s your only defence mechanism …..
You are not as tough as you pretend to be , after your hectic day when you finally lay down in your bed , the burden of living a fake life haunts you …you dont wanna continue this part of your life …you wanna show people your real emotion , you wanna show them how much you care for them , how much they mean to you …but you are scared , you are scared of being hurt again ….you are scared that the one you love will leave you again and you ll left with no choice but to let them go ….
You curse yourself every night for being like this , you curse yourself for still feeling something about people who don’t care about your existence ….
But you know what , you my darling you are my 2 pm thought …thinking about someone when you are alone at 2 am is need not love … but thinking about someone  when you are surrounded with whole bunch of people is real affection and love….I wanna unwrap your soul and want to feel every bit of emotion that rushes through you …I wanna know about your deepest secrets and most cherished moments …you’ve no idea what you mean to me ….you are my God damn world …I am surviving in you ….without you my existence is meaningless …..
I know you are hiding the deepest pain in those eyes …you dont know but your eyes tells everything about you ….trust me I wanna take all your pain and sufferings …I wanna see you happy ….you know I love you  and seeing the only person you love in pain is the most painful thing ……I can do anything to make you happy ….I wanna heal you wanna make you free of all your burden ….I wanna return your true self to you …. ….


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